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The Paperdolls: Hairstyle Swap by ElectricBlueTempest The Paperdolls: Hairstyle Swap :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 0 0 The Paperdolls: Swimwear by ElectricBlueTempest The Paperdolls: Swimwear :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 0 2 AT: Manny T. x Barbara by ElectricBlueTempest AT: Manny T. x Barbara :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 1 0
Darcy the Brave - Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine
Without being heard by anyone, we made it back to the girls’ camp. We had to change into our pajamas by flashlight, if our cabin lights were on somebody probably would have noticed. I got changed first, but I realized I needed to do something before I went to bed for the night. Even though I had told Olga that she could have her book back, my curiosity got the better of me when we reached our cabin and I flipped it open. Woodrow had yet again written me a message.
‘He’s back here, and he seems very cross. Are you girls safe?’
‘We are.’ I respond. ‘I fought him back with words, if I tried to fight him with my fists I probably would be down there with you right now.’
‘Some of our citizens are worried for his well-being, as this is a majorly upsetting development for them. But for the level-headed and critical thinking majority of us, you’ve done us a great service.”
‘You helped. And thank y
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Darcy the Brave Cover by ElectricBlueTempest Darcy the Brave Cover :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 1 0 Olga Outfit Challenge by ElectricBlueTempest Olga Outfit Challenge :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 2 0
Darcy the Brave - Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight
Eventually, while lying down in the infirmary bed, I dozed off for a few hours. And in that time, I had a strange dream. I was a tiny floating speck of a person, looking up at a huge figure before me. It was hard to look at them at first, since the area around us looked like harsh, flickering TV static that hurt my eyes to look at directly. But I focused on the face of the person, and saw that it was the same figureless girl that helped me out in Limbo. The figure cupped her hands beneath me, shrinking her figure just enough so that it didn’t feel too intimidating for me to be facing her.
“I can tell you're nervous about facing him.” She says. “But I promise, I will be sure to guide your souls back to your world if anything goes wrong.”
“That helps, I guess.” I say.
“Do not be discouraged.” She replies. “You already know what you have to do.”
“Please, mysterious lady. I have to know something. What is
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Homestar OC: Paisley Reference by ElectricBlueTempest Homestar OC: Paisley Reference :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 1 5
Darcy the Brave - Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven
Canto I – A poem by Darcy Lilyanne Jay
Embodiment of sins they may be,
The three beasts are to be feared by man
Though this man has taken form of beast
All he has is the form, not the content
The prowling leopard, laying low,
Fearsome, but a fraud.
She did not choose to do this,
But a Pandora’s box is open.
The prideful lion, standing strong,
Regal, wise, with unbending will.
The smartest of the three beasts,
The protector of their group.
The scavenging she-wolf, snarling,
Ready to attack for her group,
For her kinfolk are in danger,
But nobody harms her pack.
A leopard, a lioness, and a she-wolf
Will once again
Force a wandering stranger
To go to hell where he belongs
“You do?” Vira asks me. “What’s your idea?”
“This is gonna sound crazy, but I went to Limbo just now. Either that, or I had a vision.”
“Going to Limbo doesn’t sound too crazy, since we’re being targeted by a literal hellhound.
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Paisley's Scarfgirl Covers: May by ElectricBlueTempest Paisley's Scarfgirl Covers: May :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 2 0 Gift: Lexi: Experimental Style by ElectricBlueTempest Gift: Lexi: Experimental Style :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 2 0 I Don't Know, I Think She Might Have Been an Angel by ElectricBlueTempest I Don't Know, I Think She Might Have Been an Angel :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 4 0 AT: World 1-1 Start by ElectricBlueTempest AT: World 1-1 Start :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 4 2
Turn Around
If Natalia had a door, Buddy probably would have pounded on it excitedly. But the closest thing she had was a canvas tent flap, which he still tried to knock on, flapping wildly as he did so.
“Nattie! Open up!” He said eagerly. “I’ve got some great news for you!”
A four-year-old boy opened the flap instead, peering out to see Buddy kneeling down towards his eye level.
“Oh, hi Julian! Is your sister home?” Buddy asked.
“Yeah, but we’re hiding.” Julian replied. “Is it safe?”
“Hiding from what?”
Natalia crawled towards the entrance, motioning for Buddy to come inside. “It’s kind of a long story. Sit down and I’ll explain.”
All three of them sat in a circle around an electric lantern, surrounded by empty fast food bags, clothes and sleeping bags that needed a wash, and essentials for tent-living, like bug spray and sunblock.
“So it’s been kind of hard for us to go out the
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Hazel Cosplay by ElectricBlueTempest Hazel Cosplay :iconelectricbluetempest:ElectricBlueTempest 2 2
Darcy the Brave - Chapter Six
Chapter Six
There was no wake-up call the morning of the third day of our curse, which was also the Fourth of July to normal people. Today was a free day, and as long as we were all outside the main building by noon, we would be fine. My sleepy brain woke itself up around 7 am, partially helped by the quiet mumbling of Olga as she meditated. But I shut my eyes and let myself sleep in on a well-deserved morning. For some unexplained reason, I swear I heard the door open and shut right before I drifted back to sleep.
I woke up again around 10:30, stretching and groaning a little bit before rubbing the sand from my eyes. Olga was still meditating, chanting a little bit faster as Vira peeked over from the top bunk to look at her. Vira put a finger over her lips, quickly flicking her eyes towards Olga. I was too curious about whatever it was my witchy friend was doing to keep my eyes off her. But when Olga’s murmuring reached a peak, she quickly bit down on her bottom lip, jolting her
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Gift: Darcy in Charcoal by RAYNBOWZNSTUFF Gift: Darcy in Charcoal :iconraynbowznstuff:RAYNBOWZNSTUFF 7 6 G: Darcy the Poet by Sharia-Backup G: Darcy the Poet :iconsharia-backup:Sharia-Backup 1 2 AT: Agnes and Lance by LittleMissHistoryLov AT: Agnes and Lance :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 2 4 Daily Drawing Week Six by pokemonskoolz Daily Drawing Week Six :iconpokemonskoolz:pokemonskoolz 5 0 Pearl Sculpture by chokuru Pearl Sculpture :iconchokuru:chokuru 3 0 Aca Sketch//If Looks Could Trill by LittleMissHistoryLov Aca Sketch//If Looks Could Trill :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 3 6 Rebel Gems: Contest Entry: Lemon Quartz by RAYNBOWZNSTUFF Rebel Gems: Contest Entry: Lemon Quartz :iconraynbowznstuff:RAYNBOWZNSTUFF 15 10 Rob Jarret doodles by Sharia-Backup Rob Jarret doodles :iconsharia-backup:Sharia-Backup 9 3 Manny T (MySims OC) by LittleMissHistoryLov Manny T (MySims OC) :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 5 4 Character Reference: Cloe by RAYNBOWZNSTUFF Character Reference: Cloe :iconraynbowznstuff:RAYNBOWZNSTUFF 7 5 Fusion: Seraphinite by Shell-Anna198 Fusion: Seraphinite :iconshell-anna198:Shell-Anna198 8 5 Sims concept art 18 by Kattinx Sims concept art 18 :iconkattinx:Kattinx 42 16 Character Reference: Sophee by RAYNBOWZNSTUFF Character Reference: Sophee :iconraynbowznstuff:RAYNBOWZNSTUFF 9 12 Bailey Moodboard by LittleMissHistoryLov Bailey Moodboard :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 3 1 NataKia Moodboard by LittleMissHistoryLov NataKia Moodboard :iconlittlemisshistorylov:LittleMissHistoryLov 2 5 Let the Music Play by Tigara-Chan Let the Music Play :icontigara-chan:Tigara-Chan 20 6



United States
So tomorrow is May 17, the day I've had set for Darcy's birthday. This is kinda too late to announce, I guess, but from now to the end of May, I'm going to be hosting a little event.
I kinda took inspiration from LittleMissHistoryLov's Scottish Rice wedding, where she had fans & friends make fanart for it. This has a lot more free range. Tomorrow or the next day I'll post the final chapter of DtBr, and tomorrow I'll post a little image poster type of thing for DtBr.
So from you guys, I want to see content of any kind involving Darcy. Traditional, digital, writing, idc. Want to draw a scene from the story? Her with all the dolls? Her and Vik? Her by herself? An interpretation of a Darcy poem? Drabbles and one-shots of your own imagination? Doesn't matter, I'll accept any Darcy content. (I know a lot of you haven't caught up on the story yet, which is why I'm letting this go until the end of May. But I'll still accept any content made WAY after the fact. You can always hmu for anything you need for a piece that you're trying to make.)

Hope to see some good stuff from you guys, EBT out!


The Paperdolls: Hairstyle Swap
This was a fun idea I've had in my back pocket for a while. They've probably done this exact thing to each other on multiple sleepover occasions. I think my favorite would be Vira, she looks cute with Olga's braids and Darcy's poof.

Characters (c) Me
I wanna draw more stuff for Darcy appreciation still, but I want to know what scenes/scenarios/etc you guys are the most interested in seeing me draw. Any suggestions?
The Paperdolls: Swimwear
I felt like I sort of had to draw the girls in their swimsuits from chapter 6 of DtBr. Whenever I describe a character's outfits I feel the need to make something that represents it. And it was a good exercise and drawing for Darcy appreciation. It's so weird drawing Vira without her makeup, and I think I like Olga's swimsuit the best.

Characters (c) Me
AT: Manny T. x Barbara
This was SO much fun to try and make. I'm loving this new style, even if I wasn't sure wth I was doing with the shading while I was doing this. But here's Manny T. and Barbara, sharing a milkshake and looking adorable.

Characters (c) LittleMissHistoryLov 
Even though DtBr is finished, I'm prob gonna go back and add a scene. There's one experience I had while camping that would make for a GREAT funny moment.

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